Our system is designed in a way to minimise the charges and give our customers the best deal!

[Updated explanation. Added on 3rd July 2018]

If you buy the Growth package with 1,000 credits, this is how we will deduct credit:  

1. Refer to a sample excel generated by the tool: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fhht2yefqwblCZmUWUODilgBWZ2FsKSk7zTsdIb0Ixs/edit?usp=sharing

(note it has 3 sheets of data)

2. You get 1,000 rows of data in (sheet 1 and 2).. But if the row doesn't have any emails or telephone numbers we don't charge you for it.

3. We also give you tons of free emails (that's the third sheet).. and we don't charge you for it.

We only charge credit(s) when certain criteria is met by the data you receive in the excel sheet: 

Chrome Extension and Web App

Tab 1: One credit charged per row containing either an email address or telephone number (or both).


Tab 2: One credit for any record that contains an email address.

In this example, only row four has an email address, so this is the only row that will be charged for. 

Tab 3: All the data in tab 3 is available for free.

Why? This sheet represents the data from tab 1, presented in a way that it can quickly be used for sending out emails. 

Please note credits = rows of 'qualifying' data.

We want to find ways to give more to our customers. So, on several occasions where we find more emails linked to the venue, we provide for just one credit.