GoPinLeads is part of Goodman Lantern. We founded Goodman Lantern in July 2014. Goodman Lantern’s team is comprised of industry professionals including ex-McKinsey, KPMG and Deloitte consultants.

The idea of GoPinLeads was conceived in December 2016. We developed the first prototype in April 2017. The first version of the tool in the current form was released in October 2017.

Here's where we come from:

    The founder, Raj, spent most of his life growing businesses. He headed many businesses without reliable databases, which forced him to buy lists. They sucked 😓
    He hired interns. They were expensive!
    In 2014, he developed a way to create these lists automatically. His degree in Computer Science and AI helped a lot.
    Three very productive years later, we have GoPinLeads. The tool combines AI and many data sources to decide on relevant results. It saves so much time.