Here are a few tips on how to maximise your searches when using Google Maps:

1. Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase
Searching a phrase in quotes will yield only pages with the words precisely as they appear within the quotes. It’s one of the most vital search tips, which is particularly useful if you’re trying to find results containing a specific phrase. (e.g. "Advertising Agents")

2. Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words
Searching a phrase in quotes with an asterisk replacing a word will search all variations of that phrase. It’s helpful if you’re trying to determine a song from its lyrics, but you couldn’t make out the entire phrase (e.g. “imagine all the * living for today”), or if you’re trying to find all forms of an expression (e.g. “* is thicker than water”).

3. Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words
You’ll want to eliminate results with certain words if you’re trying to search for a term that’s generating a lot of results that aren’t of interest to you. Figure out what terms you’re not interested in (e.g. jaguar -car) and re-run the search.

Here is a practical example:

Say, for instance, you are looking for "Ultrasonic flow meter companies in United States" and you would like to exclude "hospitals".

In order to do this you need to put a "-" in front of the exclusion.

This is a screenshot of the search without the exclusion: 

This is a screenshot with the exception "-hospitals":

If you would like to search for coffee shops which are not restaurants, use the following tip: coffee shops -restaurants:

Some additional info when using GoPinLeads:

When you are adding leads, please ensure to add a city to increase the accuracy of your leads:

Please note, Google Maps Provides no Hotla Data. The Web app will be better for these kinds of searches:

Google Maps gives you results based on name and review. Always use Google Maps and the extension for niche searches: