**Please note you can generate more leads using Google Maps.

The process is best explained using an example.

For Instance: A recruitment consultancy targeting social media agencies in Australia.

1. Google it: Pop your search phrase into Google.com. You'll get 49,000,000 results, but you only care about the top 3-4 pages.

2. Geo-target: Using the tool, you can target Australia. Do this by opening the appropriate Google (TLD) domain. For example:  By default
 Google.co.uk targets the UK and Google.com.au - Australia.

3. Autopilot or Manual: Now, choose AUTOPILOT to quickly scan up to 5 pages.  Or select MANUAL to personally choose the results to include in your list.

4. Download results: Download the results by entering your email address.

5. Download Results: Choose to download the results as a .CSV file, which can be opened within Excel.

6. Engagement via Emails and Social Media: Follow your targets on social media. Add their emails to Mailchimp or other marketing automation tools.

**It takes less than 30 seconds to get this tool working for you.