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Features for the future / Roadmap (in no particular order)

  • Ability to connect with employees on LinkedIn
  • Develop APIs for GoPinLeads
  • [Updated 6th July] GDPR compliant version of GoPinLeads, for EU residents and citizens -  more information
  • Announcement and deal bar for the web app and Chrome Extension
  • [Updated 5th July] to be investigated further - in the Chrome extension - can we restrict 'reading data' to only a couple of sites (obviously we are only reading Google Maps / Google Search). 
  • - [Updated 6th July] If the user has already signed up before - not to have the same login experience as new users - eg: image
  • [Update 12th July]  to be investigated further - Export the address information (within the excel sheet) in different columns including address 1, city, region, country, postcode. 
  • [Updated 3rd Aug] Finding 'unclaimed' businesses on Google Maps and adding it as a column in the excel sheet generated. 

29th January
  • Ability to find employees without finding businesses - EmployeeSearch (Beta)

19th December 2018
  • Affiliate programme - using a third party tool

5th December 2018
  • [Update 17th July]  to be investigated further - Allow any user to buy extra (one-off) credit by paying a fee.
  • [Update 10th July] - For every potential charge made by the extension and web app we will clarify how many credits are going to be charged.
  • A panel present within the tool to show previous results collected 
  • [Updated 3rd July] Popup on tips and guides within web app - how to use the tool better.
  • Improve the on-boarding process - wireframes
  • [Update 9th July] to be investigated further - Have a checkmark to export only those with emails so we do not get charged for others.
  • [Update 8th July] Thorough usability testing and fixes for the web app. 

26th September 2018
  • Unused credits for paid packages will now be rolled over to the new month
  • We have increased the accuracy of our leads data by 20% (second tab of results)

30th August 2018
  • Fixed Javascript related issues, whereby some users were not able to websites like Upwork, Tawk and other dashboards
  • Credit for Enterprise and AppSumo customers renew on 1st of each month!
  • Bug fixes related to stability during peak hours 

26th July 2018
  • Sign up and register using email address (as opposed to just social media accounts) -  screenshot / wireframes
  • Provide all users with the option to view the document in Google Docs and Excel. 
  • Few changes to improve the onboarding process, when user first installs and uses GoPinLeadAdd information about 3 tabs within the Excel sheet - wireframes
  • Replace the term 'Venues' with 'Businesses' - wireframes
  • Add a warning in the search: Export the same results or emails or leads multiple time, each export eats your credits. - 
  • Make sure that once the user has logged in, they remain logged in
  • BUG - Allow users to log out of their social media accounts and login with a different account, especially for the web app.
  • Within the AppSumo credits /200 (image) is confusing for the users. Find a more logical way to display the credits to the user. 
  • Add Instagram and YouTube details alongside LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in the Venues / Businesses tab. 
  • Make the tab 2 (of the Excel sheet) more meaningful i.e. include company name, (website), first name, last name, job title, (LinkedIn, email), company phone number, address, and website.
  • Change the profile images of leads in the extension with their initials (image)

15th June 2018
  • Ability to offer enterprise packages i.e. paying via license codes to companies, discount sites, and more. 
  • Improve the ability to handle 1000s of users. 

1st May 2018
  • Launch of the new web app with all the same feature as the Chrome extension
  • New algorithm to generate even more results, compared to Google Maps for most searches. Generally 1.5x

27th March 2018
  • Allow users to refer and gain credits

28th November 2017
  • Ability for users to keep their Excel sheets for a long period

24th October 2017
  • Ability to add multiple packages offered to the users 

6th September 2017
  • Ability to login using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Credits deducted based on the search conducted 
  • Provide credits consumed for the search within the email
  • Ability to send out welcome emails
  • Assign credits monthly
27th August 2017

  • The content is now available as an Excel sheet 
  • Conducted several load testing exercises to run 10s of users in parallel
18th July 2017

  • Receive email addresses with your search 
  • Alongside LinkedIn profiles of employees
21st May 2017

  • Ability to search Google Maps via a Chrome extension
  • Added new designs to Google Maps 

From 15th December 2016 - 15th May 2017

  • Start with developing a Chrome extension to make Google Searches easier
  • Only available for
  • Find social media accounts including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, GPlus, and YouTube. 
  • Start AutoPilot search from any page for, earlier just possible from the first page.