Chrome Extension and Web App

On the free version:
    You get emails for venues only. No emails are supplied for leads.
    You can only use Google Maps for your searches. You get 50 free credits in the first seven days.
    After the initial 7-day grace period, you get 50 free credits per month.
On the paid versions:
    You get emails for both venues and leads, as well as a tab with additional "bonus" emails.
    You can use both Google Maps and Google Search for your queries. You may make use of our concierge and initial consultation services.
    You will get employee details.
You may upgrade and downgrade as often as you like!

*Please note: Your credits will rollover from a paid plan to a paid plan, as well as from month to month.

Please look out for our many promotional discount coupons to save on your first months' subscription/payment!

Our concierge service

You get support linked to specific issues or searches you are doing. If, for instance, you complete a search and don't generate the results you expected, we will happily re-run the search for you at our end and send you the results at no additional cost.

Our initial consultation service

One of our senior team members will guide you through a step-by-step tutorial on how best to use the tools and service. With tons of experience in growth marketing, they can recommend best practices.