We are serious about GDPR, Canada's Anti-Spam laws, and other similar legislations.

Soon (our roadmap), we will launch a GDPR compliant version of our tool. In effect we will  have two versions:

1. The current version and 
2. The GDPR compliant version

You can choose anyone of them when they are ready.

For example: Even if you are in the UK and looking for EU based contact, you can choose to use the current version (non-GDPR compliant version). Although, we do not recommend this. It is the user's responsibility to comply with local laws.

For a detailed version of our GDPR policy, please visit the web page: https://www.goodmanlantern.com/gdpr/

[Updated 6th July] 

Preparing a GDPR version of GoPinLeads requires both our technical and legal teams to work together. It's a challenging task and still not considered by most lead generation tools in the industry. 

  • We are still working on the details of what exactly will be included and removed from the GDPR version of the tool and excel sheet generated. As highlighted before users will have access to both the GDPR and the current version of the tool
  • Our GDPR version of the tool will look at the current data produced in the excel (example excel) and make changes in what is displayed
  • Emails and personal details of individuals will be removed in tab 1 and 2.
  • Tab 3 will most likely not be available.
  • Soon, as highlighted in our roadmap the excel sheet generated by GoPinLeads will be available in the dashboard
  • This dashboard alongside the Chrome extension will be used to allow users to connect with potential customers (generated in tab 2) directly within linkedin.com. 
  • Thereafter the interaction will be made on linkedin.com
  • As we develop the wireframes and project this will be discussed with the GoPinLeads community.