Please note: You can only access "Integration" if you have upgraded your account!
This option can only be accessed from the Web App.

Zapier allows you to connect with your contacts and automate related tasks.

Zapier will sync GPL with the tools you use to reach out to your contacts.

Connecting with Zapier is easy, you just need to:

Log in to your upgraded account:

Click on "Integration" on the left-hand side menu:


  1. Sign up to 
  2. Find GoPinLeads in Zapier
  3. Search for GoPinLeads in the apps list. Click on the GoPinLeads logo to access our Zapier integration tool.

    Please note: Zapier polls your GoPinLeads results every 15 minutes. This ensures that there are no duplicate results. In order to generate your first sample data within Zapier, you will need to run a search at least 15 minutes in advance.

  4. Connect your GoPinLeads account with Zapier.
  5. To connect your accounts, you'll need a key. Generate your key below, then copy and paste it in Zapier.